Yesterday, another student and I, representing our university's student association, went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year's international students. They were coming to study at Beijing University. We would take them first to their dormitories and then to the student canteen. After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive, I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously. I stood for a minute watching them and then went to greet them.
The first person to arrive was Tony Garcia from Colombia, closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain. After I met them and then introduced them to each other, I was very surprised. Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek! She stepped back appearing surprised and put up her hands, as if in defence. I guessed that there was probably a major misunderstanding.


人教版《英语》Module 7 Unit 3 Under the Sea(Using Language)
A New Dimension of Life
19th January
I'm sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in my hand and reflecting on the day — a day of pure magic! I went snorkelling on the reef offshore this morning and it was the most fantastic thing I have ever done. Seeing such extraordinary beauty, I think every cell in my body woke up.

(中学篇)2019年第02期:基于思维品质培养的阅读教学实践——以Life in a Violin Case阅读语篇为例(黑龙江:刘阳、南美善)一文涉及的教学内容

Life in a Violin Case
The turning point of my life was my decision to give up a promising business career and study music. My parents, although sharing my love of music, disapproved of it as a profession. This was understandable because of the family background. My grandfather had taught music for nearly forty years at Springhill College and, though much beloved and respected in the community, earned barely enough to provide for his large family.


George's Diary 12th-14th June
Monday 12th, June
Arrived early this morning by bus. Went straight to hotel to drop my luggage, shower and shave. Then went exploring. First thing was a ride on a cable car: From top of the hill got a spectacular view of San Francisco Bay and the city. Built in 1873, the cable car system was invented by Andrew Hallidie, who wanted to find a better form of transport than horse-drawn trams.


【摘    要】思维品质是英语学科核心素养四个维度之一,是基础教育阶段所有学生的普适性要求。在小学英语阅读教学中,引入思维可视化工具梳理文本逻辑,借助布卢姆认知目标分类设计高阶思维层级的阅读任务和培养学生自主提问及勇于质疑的习惯等策略,可以使学生思维的逻辑性、批判性和创造性有较大程度的改善,从而促进学生思维品质的发展。

(中学篇)2018年第03期:基于高中英语学科核心素养的阅读教学设计——以北师大版《英语》模块七Unit 19 Lesson 3 Body Language为例(北京:艾慧、郝奇斐)一文涉及的教学内容

1.  教材文本
Body Language Speaks For Itself
If you saw a father patting his son on the back while smiling happily, what would you think was going on? You would probably think that the father was congratulating his son on doing something well, maybe passing an exam or winning a race. You would know what was going on because you understood the message conveyed by the father's body language.


人教版《英语》模块四Unit 3 A Taste of English Humour阅读课文
A Master of Nonverbal Humour
As Victor Hugo once said, “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”, and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. He brightened the lives of Americans and British through two world wars and the hard years in between.








Once upon a time, there was a beautiful town and a couple of lovers would often stay on the top of the mountain, enjoying the sunrise and by the sea appreciating the sunset. Everyone who knew them couldn't help envying their happy love.
One day, the man was seriously injured and lying in hospital for many days without any consciousness. The woman guarded him by the bed in daytime, calling his name nonstop at night.


He Was Not There as a Father
My name is Makaziwe Mandela. I'm Nelson Mandela's oldest daughter from his first marriage to my mom, Nurse Evelyn Mase. I actually struggled for years with feelings of anger and abandonment and my brothers felt pretty much the same.
As a child, before my father went to prison, I longed to have both of my parents in my life, but it was my mother who brought me up. I had a father who had been there but not really there.
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