(中学篇)2019年第01期:KWLS 模式在英语阅读教学中的实践探索(广东:庄海滨、李琼)一文涉及的教学内容

Singapore — A Place You Will Never Forget!
Have you ever been to Singapore? For thousands of tourists from China, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful and safe place to take a holiday. On the one hand, more than three quarters of the population are Chinese, so you can simply speak Putonghua a lot of the time. On the other hand, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so it's also a good place to practice your English!
Have you ever tried Chinese food outside of China? Maybe you fear that you won't be able to find anything good to eat when you travel. In Singapore, however, you'll find a lot of food from China; you won't have any problem getting rice, noodles or dumplings. Singapore is also an excellent place to try new food.
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