北师大版高中英语Module 2 Unit 5 Lesson 3 Experiment in Folk
Kong Goes for Folk!
The famous classical pianist, Kong Xiangdong, surprised his fans last week by giving a concert combining classical music with Chinese folk music.


【摘  要】段落理解影响到学生对语篇微观结构和宏观结构的掌握程度。目前阅读教学中,段落处理简单肤浅,不利于发展学生的阅读思维。本文从评判、推断、归纳段落信息三个维度探讨了深度加工段落的可行性策略与途径。 


【摘  要】本文以上教牛津版《英语》教材中的故事栏目(Enjoy/Read a Story)为例,介绍了该栏目的功能定位及教学建议,探讨了如何通过该栏目的教学来培养学生的英语阅读能力。
阅读是语言学习的关键一环,它对学生语言运用能力的形成至关重要。研究表明,外语阅读有利于学生的语言发展,有利于其阅读能力、写作能力、词汇能力、拼写能力、语法使用能力、口语和听的能力的发展(Krashen, 2004)。《义务教育英语课程标准(2011年版)》(教育部,2012)在语言技能分级标准中对二级“读”的要求是:能借助图片读懂简单的故事或小短文,并养成按意群朗读的习惯;能正确朗读所学故事或短文。如何切实有效地进行阅读教学,帮助学生提高阅读能力,是小学英语教师普遍关注的问题。
故事是小学生喜闻乐见的阅读材料,上教牛津版《英语》教材中的故事栏目(Enjoy/Read a Story)设计了图文并茂的小故事。本文将介绍该栏目的功能定位及教学建议,探讨如何利用故事栏目教学,通过合理设计阅读前、阅读中和阅读后的教学活动,培养学生的英语阅读能力。


Down the Rabbit Hole
One sunny day, Alice sat by a river with her sister. Then she heard a sound. She looked up and saw a white rabbit in a coat passing by.
Oh, dear! I'll be late!said the rabbit. It took a watch out of its pocket and looked at the time.



1. 教材中的主体语篇Sandstorms in Asia以及文化视角语篇The Green Movement



2. 选修课语篇《巴黎气候协定》


(中学篇)2018年第03期:基于高中英语学科核心素养的阅读教学设计——以北师大版《英语》模块七Unit 19 Lesson 3 Body Language为例(北京:艾慧、郝奇斐)一文涉及的教学内容

1.  教材文本
Body Language Speaks For Itself
If you saw a father patting his son on the back while smiling happily, what would you think was going on? You would probably think that the father was congratulating his son on doing something well, maybe passing an exam or winning a race. You would know what was going on because you understood the message conveyed by the father's body language.


人教版《英语》模块四Unit 3 A Taste of English Humour阅读课文
A Master of Nonverbal Humour
As Victor Hugo once said, “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”, and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. He brightened the lives of Americans and British through two world wars and the hard years in between.

(中学篇)2018年第01期:深挖阅读文本内涵 培育学科核心素养——人教版高中英语Module 2 Unit 5阅读教学设计(广东:黎洁媛、伞瑶、陈皓曦 )一文涉及的教学内容

Have you ever wanted to be part of a band as a famous singer or musician? Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? Do you sing karaoke and pretend you are a famous singer like Song Zuying or Liu Huan? To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous. But just how do people form a band?
Many musicians meet and form a band because they like to write and play their own music. They may start as a group of high-school students, for whom practicing their music in someone's house is the first step to fame.


【摘 要】教师在阅读教学中可以采用以下一些方法与策略:在文本困惑处、矛盾凸显处、背景迷茫处进行叩问,抓住别有风味的词语、别具一格的重复、别有匠心的细节进行鉴赏,通过创造性补白、想象、续写进行拓展,以启迪学生思维,发展学生语言,激发学生创造力,从而提高英语课堂教学质量。


Theme Parks — Fun and More than Fun
Which theme park would you like to visit? There are various kinds of theme parks, with a different park for almost everything: food, culture, science, cartoons, movies or history. Some parks are famous for having the biggest or longest roller coasters, others for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park for you!
The theme park you are probably most familiar with is Disneyland. It can be found in several parts of the world. It will bring you into a magical world and make your dreams come true, whether you are traveling through space, visiting a pirate ship or meeting your favourite fairy tale or Disney cartoon character.
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